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Eliminate any doubts you have about living a full and accomplished life by reading the works of a sickle cell awareness author and speaker.
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To learn more about my two books discussing life with sickle cell or to schedule a public discussion for your local group just contact me.
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"Living With Sickle Cell Disease The Stuggle To Survive"
"Resilence A Personal  Story Of Coping With Ravages Of Sickle Cell Disease.... Against All Odds"


Learn about Judy Gray Johnson

My name is Judy Gray Johnson and I am a public speaker and health advocate living here in Valencia, California. I have experienced firsthand the damaging effects of living with sickle cell anemia, and I want to inspire others to live life to its fullest. My two books that are available now help to empower the disabled and those suffering from sickle cell to find a life of fulfillment. I am available for small group discussions within 10 miles of my home, and further distances are negotiable. Participants should have their own book for discussions.

Learn More about Judy Gray Johnson

Contact me if you need a public speaker and health advocate who knows sickle cell anemia firsthand.